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Shambeau & Thern Real Estate

Buying a Home

We'll help you find your home, and negotiate the best deal

Whether you are purchasing your first home, a unique vacation property, or you are an established home buyer, Shambeau & Thern Realtors have the expertise and experience to help you find the right home, at the right price. Our buyer agents are very familiar with the area, and strive to make your search for a home as pleasant and efficient as possible. Shambeau & Thern Realtors are more than just showing agents...they are experts in the art of purchasing real estate.


Our first step is to become familiar with your individual home preferences. Understanding the importance of your criteria, we then identify properties that match your unique preferences, and make recommendations based on our findings. Your Shambeau & Thern agent will provide valuable information regarding property type, neighborhood selection and negotiation opportunities.

Your Shambeau & Thern Buyer's agent will:

  • Show you properties for sale according to your stated preferences.
  • Inform you of exclusive properties and listings within our network.
  • Schedule appointments to visit desirable properties.


Once we locate and qualify a property that seems to meet or exceed your expectations, we will develop a purchase strategy to negotiate the best purchase price.

At this point, your Shambeau & Thern Realtor will:

  • Prepare and submit a purchase contract to the seller.
  • Negotiate terms with the seller to your best advantage.
  • Finalize the conditions of the property purchase.
  • Provide a list of property inspectors.
  • Communicate with your mortgage lender to finalize details.
  • Attend the closing with your attorney to ensure a smooth sales process.

Getting Started


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