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Selling your Home

Trust the Experts at Shambeau & Thern

Shambeau & Thern is a full-service real estate group of professionals with the marketing capabilities to help your property sell as quickly as possible, at your desired price. The experience of our realtors will help you make an accurate Market Evaluation to ensure that your home sells as quickly as possible.

Preparing your Home for Sale

Your Shambeau & Thern Realtor will quickly determine the ideal market price for your property based on current economic conditions, and follow through with innovative marketing and advertising opportunities.

  • We work with in-home consultations to recommend improvements that will enhance your property's value.
  • An aggressive marketing and advertising campaign, including numerous internet postings, will be implemented.
  • Internet specialists, graphic designers, commercial printers, newspapers, realt estate guides, and other media will all be put to good use to sell your home.
  • We will digitally photograph your property and distribute images throughout our network.
  • In addition, we will use images and footage for direct marketing, web and video presentations (select properties).
  • Your property will be featured on our exclusive real estate web site.
  • We will list your property in the multiple brokerage networks, including the MLS.
  • An attention getting Shambeau & Thern Real Estate sign will be installed on your property.


Within the first weeks of representing the sale of your property, our advertising & promotional campaigns will be in full execution.

  • Your property's internet presence will be expanded to increase market market awareness.
  • The Shambeau & Thern brand will help drive buyers to view your property.
  • We will network with brokers who regularly work with your specific type of property.
  • Our extensive online database will be used to search for potential buyers.
  • We will provide analysis and real-time information regarding the results from our marketing efforts.
  • We will also keep you updated with information on prices, financing, competing properties and current market conditions.


Once we receive an offer on your property, we will immediately start buyer qualification screening, and begin contract negotiations to yield you the highest sales price.

  • We will screen interested prospects to ensure their financial ability to purchase your property.
  • Then we will review, interpret and present all qualified offers.
  • You can expect us to work diligently in negotiating all offers to afford you the highest selling price.
  • We will handle finalizing the terms and conditions essential to the sale, including communicating with the mortgage lender to monitor the buyer's financing.
  • Finally, we will attend the closing to ensure a smooth and efficient sale.

Getting Started


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